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“We owe it to older persons and societies at large to fight ageism in all its forms and enhance the dignity and human rights of older persons everywhere.”

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon




Welcome to The Senior Agenda where sustainable healthy life styles and life choices are encouraged and nurtured. 

"The Senior Agenda Incorporated" a 'NOT FOR PROFIT' Incorporated Association. Our NFP standing provides increased opportunity for collaberation with Councils, Community Associations and State/National Governments

Seniors Week 2014

 We had a lot of fun during Seniors Week, our presentation at the Stanton Library was well received. We also presented at a seniors lunch hosted by the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre, what a great time was had by all, made possible by Coral and her team at KNC and the extraordinary help from the lads from St Aloysius College, well done boys! On Friday we had the privilege of attending a lunch hosted by North Sydney Community Centre with Nolene Brown-Ambassador for Ageing as guest speaker, thanks Joanna, you and your staff hosted a great party! 







The Journey 

 Is over for now, we had a great time working with St. Giles Anglican Church in Greenwich, especially working with Rev. Eric and Peter and thanks also to all the people who attended.

Stay tuned for details of our next Journey





***It’s important for everyone to know the risks of prescription drugs and medical devices before they are taken or implanted. This is especially true for seniors. Please visit http://www.drugwatch.com/seniors/ ***            Drugwatch is an American organisation Helping Consumers Affected by Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices. Check with your doctor first before heeding any advice. Remember knowledge is power, take charge of your health




Our professional, qualified, and highly experienced team design and deliver "Evidence Based" products and services to improve and maintain overall health and well being.

The Senior AgendaA Not for PROFIT  Incorporated Association

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